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Legal Services

Achieve peace of mind in complex legal matters with our highly trained specialists and legal support services.

Accounting and tax issues associated with litigation, divorce, bankruptcy and other legal situations are usually very complex. If they should occur, our legal support services will assist you in working out those issues. Our services include:

General Litigation

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Calculation of Damages
  • Analysis of Financial Records and Documents
  • Calculation of Profits/Losses from Business Ventures
  • Assistance with Depositions
  • Income Tax Appeals
  • Calculation of Embezzlement-Related Losses

Change in Marital Status

  • Analysis of Earnings
  • Preparation of Personal Property Inventory
  • Business Interest Valuations
  • Property Interest Valuations and Distributions
  • Analysis of Income Tax Issues


  • Financial Analysis and Options
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Exiting Bankruptcy Strategies
  • Bankruptcy Trustee